Payment Policy

Any MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Citibank E-Cards Credit Cards issued anywhere in the world can now pay online.

At Jewelldiro, we offer the option of purchasing our products through Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) to provide convenience to our customers. Please read the following policy regarding EMI payments:

a. EMI payment option is available only for customers who hold credit cards issued by banks that offer EMI facilities.
b. The availability of EMI payment option may vary depending on the customer's credit card issuer and their terms and conditions.

EMI Plans:
a. The EMI plans available for a specific purchase may be displayed on our website during the checkout process.
b. The EMI plans are determined and provided by the customer's credit card issuer.
c. The EMI tenure, interest rates, and other terms and conditions of the EMI plan are set by the credit card issuer and not controlled by Jewelldiro.

EMI Payment Process:
a. During the checkout process, customers will have the option to select the EMI payment method if it is available for their credit card.
b. Customers will be required to provide the necessary details and complete the verification process as per the credit card issuer's guidelines.
c. The EMI payment amount will be automatically deducted from the customer's credit card each month as per the chosen EMI plan.

Interest and Fees:
a. The interest rates and processing fees associated with the EMI payment option are determined by the customer's credit card issuer.
b. Customers are advised to review the terms and conditions of the EMI plan provided by their credit card issuer for information on applicable interest rates and fees.

EMI Cancellation or Modifications:
a. Once an EMI payment is initiated, it cannot be canceled or modified by Jewelldiro.
b. Any changes or cancellations to the EMI plan should be requested directly from the customer's credit card issuer as per their policies.

Non-payment or Default:
a. Failure to make EMI payments as per the agreed-upon schedule may result in penalties, charges, or other consequences as determined by the customer's credit card issuer.
b. Jewelldiro is not responsible for any non-payment issues or disputes related to the EMI payment option. Customers should directly contact their credit card issuer for any such concerns.

Refunds and Returns:
a. In the case of returns or refunds for products purchased through EMI, the refund process will be as per Jewelldiro's standard refund policy.
b. Any refund amount will be processed and credited to the customer's original payment source (credit card). However, the EMI payments made until the refund date may not be immediately refunded and may follow the credit card issuer's refund process and timeline.

It is important for customers to review and understand the terms and conditions provided by their credit card issuer regarding EMI payments. Jewelldiro does not assume responsibility for any discrepancies, disputes, or changes in EMI plans offered by credit card issuers.

Paypal service is available only for International clients as policies guided by Reserve Bank of India. Payment in Paypal is accepted in US$ only.

We do offer cash on delivery within India. COD orders do carry a surplus charge of Rs. 200 as COD handling charges.

Jewelldiro reserves the right to cancel any order without any explanation. In which case Jewelldiro will pay back the charged money to the purchaser.